Welcome to Cutting Edge Writers.

This is a place where writers of all kinds meet, write, and share. We are a moveable feast – we often meet at The Cut, a warm and friendly arts centre in Halesworth, but we also hang out online, via Zoom. You are welcome to attend in whatever way makes best sense for you.

Our sessions are intended for everyone. That means that if you’ve never written before, we hope you’ll get the same level of care and value as a seasoned writer would. You bring your thoughts, stories, and creative experiments and we’ll provide the safe space and company in which to share and explore.

Our classes are based on the value of non-judgemental sharing. We have experience as peer-to-peer groups, and we bring that mindset to Cutting Edge Writers, too. While sessions will be facilitated and organised by one of us, we have an ethos of “equal time” and “author-in-charge” – everyone gets equal time to share and receive thoughts about their work and you are in charge of how you spend that time.

We have three cohorts you can join. CEW 1, a writing group based around sharing excerpts ahead of time, CEW 3, a morning journal group, and CEW 4, a group that encourages work-in-development. Find the group that’s right for you, and come write with us!

This is our Ethos & Safeguarding policy

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