The way CEW Works


Each time we meet, we begin either with a short writing exercise or discussion, or go straight into reviewing members’ submitted pieces of writing.

Towards the end of each meeting a writing prompt is given and members have two weeks to complete it. If individuals are writing a novel, or prefer to write something other than the given subject, they are free to do so. The comments made when the pieces are reviewed are always constructive and are for the author’s help. There is never unkind criticism.

We use email and the Dropbox Cloud to circulate everyone’s piece. There is a cycle so you have time to write your piece and time to read everyone’s before meeting. When necessary pieces are held over and reviewed when you next attend; you will always be present when your piece is reviewed! It is a key aspect of the group that other people read your piece in advance.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. And each new member is made welcome. We want to make people feel the freedom to write with confidence, but we have laughs, too.  From time to time we arrange for an author to visit us. We meet to improve and polish our writing skills. To that end, the comments of other members are always useful and are always worth listening to.

Some of our members have had books published but, equally, we have had people who haven’t written since they left school. To see their enjoyment and progression is rewarding.

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