The Writers

From the 1st October 2021 Kate handed over the running of CEW to Simon. Look here for a picture of the celebration of Kate’s success  Kate’s Handover

Kate Cheasman

It was inevitable that I should end up being involved in writing groups and, for ten years, tutoring one. My love of words began with bedtime stories. I remember those words on the crisp pages and the excitement of turning the pages.

I was fortunate to have excellent English Language teachers throughout my education and words were still magical: the sounds, the rhythm, the pictures they painted. Poetry was encouraged and we were asked to write as well as read them. Writing poems is a skill I embrace to this day. Choosing words that fit the metre and best portray the mood is a very enjoyable discipline. Seeing my work in print started with contributions to the school magazine and moved on to having stories and poems published. Nothing can beat the thrill of the first time this happens. Linked to this was the chance to read on the local radio.

When I was asked to run Cutting Edge Writers, at first it seemed a daunting challenge. I little realized what joy I would get from the task. To see members gain confidence and the ability to express their diverse ideas with clarity and flair, is immensely rewarding.

Childhood (published privately): I needed to write this book of my fractured childhood to chase away a part of my life that has always haunted me. I thought writing it would free me of the unkind treatment of those early years. Later, I discovered there was a legitimate reason for my sister and me to be sent to live with strangers. My mother’s health. But I have always wondered why I couldn’t have been told? I guess it was how things were done back then. Writing the book helped to some extent.

Finders Keepers (self published): This novel was a response to a short mention in a newspaper, of a new-born being found dead down a drain. I thought of all those would-be mothers desperate for a baby, and ready to risk anything to give such a baby a chance of life, while others are murdering them. Perhaps those mothers need help too?  But I was horrified by that poor little mite’s end. And felt I had to give one like her not only a life but also to feel what it’s like to be loved. Finders Keepers


Malcolm Knott

Malcolm Knott is a retired lawyer who joined the Cutting Edge Writers when he moved to Suffolk some years ago and now looks forward to our Friday morning meetings as the highlight of his week.

He began by writing non-fiction, which he insists is as creative as any other type of writing, and had only begun to attempt fiction when preparing mock trial scenarios for law students. Encouraged by the group, he now turns his hand to a variety of prose and poetry, with a particular fondness for humour and pastiche.


In 2017 he published Sherlock Holmes, The Soldier’s Daughter and other new stories which received excellent reviews

It has sold steadily on Amazon. Sherlock Holmes, The Soldier’s Daughter and other new stories



Simon Watts

I have always told stories in my head. I have the belief that our creative side helps us to unlock emotions and thoughts.

In this photo, taken before lockdown, I’m just off to a CEW group meeting on a Friday. My computer in my black bag…. I’m a bit dyslectic – IT has helped me realise the creative power of writing.  I have a background in Maths, Stats and IT but I love surreal art, baroque music, eating shark and imaging the nearly possible. I prefer writing to reading …. with the help of my computer I find it easier.

I joined  CEW in Jan-2012 and helped Kate with the group from when she took it on. I took an online Creative Writing course at UEA and then novel writing course with Unthank School of Writing in Norwich with a friend from CEW.

In 2018 I self-published a collection of short stories and a novel under the pseudonym Foresaw

Anthology of Therapeutic Pieces: Volume 1 Kindle EditionPaperback Edition

Novel – Aipotu: Colossus in the World Kindle editionPaperback Edition